2 Ways Automated Check-in Improves the Hotel Guest Experience

Many a weary traveler wants to save time when checking into their hotel room, especially after a long flight. The last thing they want after an exhausting flight--we all know how exhausting airlines are these days--is another wait at check-in. That’s why many hotels are responding to their guests’ wants by focusing more on automated check-in systems with interactive kiosks that offer flexibility and convenience.

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IP Streaming: What’s the Best Option for Your Hotel?

As part of the guest experience, one of the automation features guests expect hotels to offer in their rooms is Internet Protocol or IP streaming. When they travel, guests want to be able to stream content from their mobile devices to the television in their hotel room so they can access streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now. The factors hotels need to be most concerned about when evaluating streaming in-room entertainment (IRE) are:

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Social Media and Guest Experience: What Your Guests Share Is Important

Remember the saying (and the song) “Let’s give them something to talk about.”? When it comes to travel and hospitality, it’s important to keep this top-of-mind.

In our technology-driven society, providing an experience your guests will pleasantly remember is key to your success. What they experience, whether good or bad, can be quickly shared to hundreds, even thousands of people with the simple push of a button.

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The Future of Automated Hotel Rooms

What are next-generation travelers looking for in hotels? Improved accessibility and efficiency. As automation becomes more prevalent in homes, hotel guests will expect similar technology in their hotel rooms. In fact, almost two-thirds of U.S. hotel guests believe that it is “very or extremely important” for hotels to continue to be committed to enhancing the guest experience through technology.

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4 Ways Hotels Can Swap Glitz and Glam for Better Guest Experience

The definition of luxury is changing in hotel and tourist services as guest experience is becoming more important to vacation-goers than traditional amenities, such as Italian marble floors or mahogany furniture. Technology, personalization, location, and local expertise are what inspire today’s travelers, rather than luxury items that have become commonplace to most hotel guests. By staying ahead of the curve and offering tailored experiences to their guests, hotels will be able to capitalize on this new trend.

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5 Ways Cruise Lines are Enhancing Guest Experiences

Cruise lines have long been known for providing an unparalleled guest experience. When all other methods of travel were just about moving people from one place to another, cruise ships concentrated on delivering a memorable, personalized approach.

Cruising was the gold standard of transportation. Because if this, guests began expecting the same technology capabilities on the water as they had on land. But technology at sea wasn’t always easy. Now it is, and several cruise lines are excelling at it.

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How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Cruise Experience

When the words “virtual reality” and “cruising” are used in the same sentence it’s often expected that it’s in reference to the latest gaming technology available on board. But this tech is doing much more than providing entertainment in the cruise ship industry.

How Virtual Reality (VR) Is Changing Cruising

VR is changing all aspects of the cruise industry from design to guest experience.

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Wearable Tech is Making Waves on the High Seas

In 2015, the Walt Disney Co. made a billion dollar bet that wearables would be the new trend and led the way to increased customer service for less effort. From the ability to personalize approaches by cast members to guests to removing the pain on spending (more about that later), Disney has seen a lot of benefit from its pilot program.

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