Warehouse and distribution environments need real-time communications and mobile access to mission-critical applications from a wide range of devices. Few wireless LANs are equal to the challenge, however. The typical WLAN engineered for corporate offices — carpeted, climate-controlled environments — cannot support today’s large, complex warehouse and distribution facilities. The WLAN must be carefully engineered to overcome the radio frequency interference inherent in these facilities and ensure adequate bandwidth and reliability.

RedCell Technologies can help overcome these challenges and ensure coverage across hundreds of thousands of square feet as well as outdoor operations. The result is an industrial-strength WLAN that provides high-performance, highly reliable voice and data access, with seamless roaming as employees move about on foot or in forklifts, trucks and other vehicles.

RedCell Technologies will also ensure that the WLAN can support all of the devices used in today’s warehouse operations, from smartphones and tablets to ruggedized computers and RFID and barcode readers. From planning and engineering through staging, configuration, installation and project management, the RedCell Technologies team will engineer a WLAN that enables organizations to manage inventory, track the movement of product and speed order fulfillment.