In today’s wireless world, few of us are without our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for very long. We use them to download information, watch movies and more, and we expect that same experience when we travel, shop and attend events.


With Entertainment360 from RedCell Technologies, you can create that experience for your customers by giving them access to the entertainment they desire. Entertainment360 is a unique streaming platform that delivers rich-media content to customers’ mobile devices over your wireless LAN. The system can also deliver the same content to TVs.


There is no app to download — one easy-to-use interface gives customers access to licensed Hollywood movies, music on demand, information and more. The Entertainment360 interface is fully customizable to enhance and reinforce your company’s brand. And because you control the content, you don’t have to worry about competitor advertising.


Designed especially for cruise lines and other hospitality venues, Entertainment360 is an end-to-end content-streaming solution without the drawbacks of other streaming products. By enabling your customers to use their preferred mobile devices to access entertainment and other content, you can create a compelling experience that drives customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business.