The WLAN has become indispensable in the hospitality industry, where service and convenience drive revenue and customer satisfaction. Guests have come to expect top-quality wireless services with easy access, facility-wide coverage and the performance to support bandwidth-hungry services. Facilities such as resorts, convention centers and cruise ships must deliver high-quality wireless access to hundreds or thousands of guests.

Wireless also can help hospitality organizations improve efficiency and the service experience. Mobile devices enable staff to bring service right to the guest and streamline processes such as check-in, check-out and maintenance requests.

RedCell Technologies is your go-to partner for world-class WLAN solutions. RedCell Technologies advanced WLAN engineering capabilities enable hospitality organizations to:

• Eliminate guest complaints about connectivity
• Increase revenue from guest access
• Easily handle peak demand
• Provide differentiated services
• Reduce costs and improve staff productivity

In addition, RedCell Technologies provides full lifecycle services, including assessment, consulting, design, implementation, integration, testing, management and support.

RedCell Technologies advanced WLAN solutions are the gold standard in the hospitality industry. RedCell Technologies experts have re-engineered poorly performing WLANs into flagship service offerings that deliver unprecedented reliability, coverage and performance. RedCell Technologies has a proven track record of success solving the hospitality industry’s toughest WLAN problems and enabling revenue-enhancing services.

Case Study: Silversea Cruises

RedCell Technologies resolves a fundamental WLAN problem plaguing the cruise line industry, and helps Silversea
increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and deliver unique, value-added services.