Many factors impact the performance of a wireless network — including the wired infrastructure. Legacy 802.11a/g WLANs, which have a maximum data rate of 54Mbps, can easily be supported by a 10/100Mbps Ethernet backhaul. 802.11n WLANs, on the other hand, have peak rates that far exceed 100Mbps — a dual-radio access point with two spatial streams can generate peak data rates up to 300Mbps.

A 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection will create a network bottleneck during 802.11n traffic peaks. As a result, many organizations find it necessary to upgrade their wired networks to gain the full benefit of 802.11n WLAN performance.

RedCell Technologies’ LAN360 solution provides a highly reliable and scalable wired network infrastructure with the capacity to support 802.11n — with no capital outlays. For a low monthly fee, your organization gains industry-leading Ethernet switches complete with expert design, implementation and configuration by RedCell Technologies. Plus we will provide ongoing monitoring and management of your entire network infrastructure.

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