Large public venues need high-capacity wireless to support multimedia entertainment, Internet access, food and beverage services, mobile ticketing, point-of-sale and other applications — indoors and out. However, traditional Wi-Fi and cellular coverage are insufficient to accommodate bandwidth-intensive video and data traffic for tens thousands of visitors. Only carrier-grade wireless can provide the density, scale and coverage demanded by stadiums, arenas, airports and other large public venues.

Careful planning and design are critical to ensure adequate RF signal delivery with minimal interference. The engineering approach is radically different than established best practices in the traditional Wi-Fi environment.

RedCell can also provide a suite of solutions that simplify management and provide visibility into coverage, service quality, capacity security and more.

The most important criterion in selecting a solution provider is the provider’s experience with large public venue deployments. RedCell Technologies has that experience. RedCell has deployed WLAN solutions for major sporting events, with more than 18,000 users connected stadium-wide. RedCell is one of a handful of companies in the world with a proven track record of success completing large public venue deployments.