Wireless networking helps private schools and universities provide an interactive learning experience and improve collaboration among students, faculty and administrative staff without the need to run network cabling to every classroom. It can also support campus-wide connectivity for the mobile devices of staff, students and guests.

Unfortunately, budgetary pressures and a lack of in-house expertise keep many private schools and universities from taking advantage of wireless. They simply do not have the resources to implement a WLAN that delivers the performance and availability they need and keep it operating efficiently day in, day out.

RedCell Technologies helps private schools overcome those challenges with a unique hosted WLAN solution. WLAN360 includes enterprise-class WLAN equipment backed by our unsurpassed expertise, all for a low monthly fee per access point.

WLAN360 can best be described as WLAN-as-a-Service. No capital investment in equipment is required — everything is provided by RedCell Technologies. Our engineers will design and deploy the WLAN equipment and provide comprehensive monitoring, management and support. Private schools and universities gain a robust WLAN environment that delivers unparalleled performance without management headaches.