Many public schools are shifting from isolated computer labs to a more pervasive technology experience that incorporates computers into the learning environment. With computers in the classroom, students gain access to a wider range of academic materials and interactive learning tools. Wireless networking makes it easier for schools to expand their use of technology and support the mobile devices of staff, students and guests.

Schools and libraries often can take advantage of special E-Rate funding for WLAN solutions. E-Rate is a federal program that provides eligible schools and libraries with discounts of 20 percent to 90 percent on certain technology solutions. Infrastructure cabling and WLAN equipment used to provide connectivity to end-users can meet the requirements for E-Rate Priority 2 funding.

RedCell Technologies has the expertise to implement campus-wide WLAN solutions and experience delivering those solutions through the E-Rate program. We have an E-Rate consultant on staff and are registered as a small business with the Universal Service Administration Company. We also work with wireless industry leaders who are authorized under state contracts.

More importantly, we have the engineering knowledge and financial strength to navigate the E-Rate bidding process. With RedCell Technologies as a partner, public schools at all levels can obtain enterprise-class WLAN solutions that qualify for E-Rate discounts.