RedCell Technologies has partnered with SimpliVity to help customers optimize the data center while reducing costs and management headaches. SimpliVity’s OmniCube solution delivers on the promise of hyper-convergence by collapsing core IT infrastructure functionality into one platform that delivers:

  • Simplicity, performance and scalability
  • Global, federated architecture
  • Low-cost, end-to-end functionality
  • Resource pooling and sharing
  • Advanced data protection and DR

OmniStack, the core technology that powers OmniCube, enables the delivery of a broad scope of functionality at a fraction of the traditional infrastructure stack. This all-inclusive solution delivers core server, storage and network functionality along with a wide range of advanced features:

  • Native VM-level backup
  • Real-time, in-line global de-duplication and compression
  • Bandwidth-efficient replication for DR
  • Cache-accelerated performance
  • WAN optimization
  • Cloud integration

OmniCube is a high-performance, simple-to-manage, 2U rack-mounted building block. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed together to form an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that enables efficient data movement and enterprise-class system availability.

Replication can occur between any two data centers within a Federation as well as to the cloud for simple but powerful DR. Because all data is de-duplicated and compressed, the data transfer is extremely efficient for substantial bandwidth savings.

All OmniCube systems in the Federation can be managed globally as one efficient, elastic pool of shared x86 resources managed from a single pane of glass. Plus, OmniCube is fully compatible with VMware vSphere and works seamlessly within the VMware environment.

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