Many wireless LANs were implemented as secondary “convenience” networks for certain personnel or departments rather than business-critical networks. They simply weren’t engineered to handle the sheer volume of mobile devices, rich media applications and real-time communications of today’s mobile environment.

Organizations looking to take full advantage of mobility solutions need to ensure that their WLAN is up to the task. RedCell Technologies provides WLAN validation services that assess how well the network can support voice, video and other applications that demand a high-quality user experience.

Our WLAN validation best practices go beyond traditional site surveys to simulate actual network traffic for each application. Our testing methodology isolates and troubleshoots network performance bottlenecks by:

Verifying the performance of every type of device that will access the network
Assessing how multiple endpoints coexist under real-world conditions

Our engineers will also determine the WLAN’s ability to meet growing demands by simulating device densities and bandwidth requirements that meet or exceed its capacity.

Because today’s business demand for wireless outweighs the capabilities of most WLANs and the companies that traditionally have sold them, organizations should insist upon WLAN validation prior to deploying new wireless applications. Only a properly designed, implemented and validated WLAN can support your mission-critical applications and deliver trouble-free service.