If your organization lacks the budget and in-house expertise to take advantage of wireless, RedCell Technologies has the answer. With our WLAN360 solution, you can begin enjoying the benefits of Wi-Fi for just $29 per month per access point.

What You Get for $29 per Month per Access Point

  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware and Software
  • Expert Design & Installation
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Support
  • Replacement of Failed Equipment
  • Support Portal & Reporting

No capital investment in equipment is required — everything is provided by RedCell Technologies. The WLAN360 solution features high-performance 802.11n access points that are secure, compliant and deliver the quality of service needed to support voice and video. Our engineers will provide professional design, engineering, installation and configuration. You gain a WLAN that delivers unparalleled performance and availability without the high costs and management headaches of traditional solutions.

RedCell Technologies will also ensure the success of your wireless LAN over the long haul through our comprehensive suite of managed services. Our 24x7 nationwide support gives you the peace of mind that your wireless LAN will deliver the performance and availability you need, now and in the future.

What about competitive solutions? The numbers speak for themselves. WLAN360 not only eliminates the upfront investment but costs 72% less per AP over the first year!

Cost Comparison, per Access Point

  The Competition RedCell Technologies
Hardware, Installation & Setup: $833.62 $25.00
Monitoring, Management & Support: $40/month $29/month
Total One-Year Cost: $1,313.62 $373.00